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Our professionalism is beyond our competitors, as is
our innovation & craftsmanship.


Mike Swientek, the owner of Michael Edwards Custom Cabinetry, has always liked to work with his hands. He is also the kind of person who rarely sits still. Coming from a family with deep roots in construction, he found that he was always building something. But rarely for pay. To him, it was almost like entertainment.

So in 2006 he decided to take this lifelong passion for making things to the next level and build his first custom home. There was just one small wrinkle. Mike is also a perfectionist. And while the house he made was beautifully done, he didn’t particularly enjoy having to rely on other trades to do the work, because perfectionists are like that. When it came time to design and build the cabinetry, he was determined to do it himself.

Years before, Mike had taught himself how to build cabinets for his personal home after being disappointed by the quality of what he found at retail. Although this was a little more ambitious than a simple kitchen remodel, he welcomed the challenge.

Without any help, other than when an extra set of hands was absolutely necessary, he designed, cut, milled, assembled & installed the cabinets himself, and found himself enjoying every minute of it. He was doing what any self-respecting perfectionist would love: owning every step.

As is common practice, other builders tend to wander in and out of each other’s houses just to see what their competition is up to, and a few wandered into Mike’s house. Although they had all built their fair share of houses, it was the craftsmanship of the cabinetry that impressed them the most. So much so that they sought Mike out to ask who had made them.

They were surprised to discover the person who made them wasn’t, by trade, a cabinet maker. Yet he still managed to achieve a level of craftsmanship that they had rarely seen even with the best custom cabinetry makers. If talent is the art of making the difficult look easy, Mike, for his part, was simply doing what he alway did: making something the way he felt it should be made.

It wasn’t long before these builders convinced Mike to make their cabinetry as well. Starting with only a small 3,000 sq. ft. commercial space, he and two employees began making cabinetry full time. Order by order, piece by piece, more and more builders began to notice the quality of his work, and they also became customers. As demand grew, Mike continued to add the craftsmen and equipment he needed to make more cabinetry. His way.

Today, Michael Edwards Custom Cabinetry has grown to over 100,000 sq. ft. with 100 full-time employees, producing cabinetry for homes all over south Texas and beyond. Although the demands of the business means Mike is no longer building every piece himself, every employee is trained in his methods to produce cabinetry of the highest possible quality. He still approves every piece that leaves the floor for delivery, and have you ever tried to get something past a perfectionist?