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An encyclopedia of information on the trade and technique of craftsmanship and a perfectionist when it comes to construction, local Owner & Founder Mike Swientek is at the helm of an incredibly efficient and precise company. Combining the greatest technology available today with an impressive showroom and shop, Michael Edwards Custom Cabinetry and Closets builds cabinetry for 3-5 homes every day!


Here at Michael Edwards Custom Cabinetry & Closets, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with a product superior to all other products on the market. Whether it be because of our outstanding finish or the quality and craftsmanship that goes into the design and construction of every box, we are the premiere custom cabinet firm in the state of Texas.

Michael Edwards cabinets are constructed of the highest quality ¾” cabinet grade birch plywood with a pristine, baked on, ultraviolet cured polyurethane finish and assembled using screws along with captured nail plates behind finished backs resulting in a strong yet simple and clean cabinet box that we feel comfortable and happy to warranty for up to 10 years. From our in house built dovetailed drawer boxes and lifetime, fully adjustable, Blum soft close hinges and guides, we are certain that none of our competitors offer the quality you will find here at Michael Edwards.

There are many different finishes throughout our industry, but there is only one Michael Edwards finish. We have perfected a true, high build, furniture quality finish that will outlast them all. Our chemical resistant Conversion Varnish combined with flat line automated spray technology utilizing double oven forced dry and flash curing processes, result in a finish unmatched in beauty and durability. When you see a Michael Edwards cabinet, you know it doesn’t get any better than this.


With over 12,000 completed projects in our 13-year history, we can confidently give our new customers 12,000 references. We are proud of our product and currently employee over 160 craftsmen who take great pride in the cabinetry we produce. As a locally owned company, we provide cabinetry for all levels of homes in the San Antonio, Austin, Houston and surrounding areas.


From our Italian paint booths and automated precision door machines to our CAD cabinet vision software, our technology is unmatched in this region, allowing us to produce a product far superior in fit and finish to the cabinetry you will see elsewhere. We are also proud that we don’t outsource any portion of our work. From start to finish, our 100,000 square-foot factory was designed specifically for what we do, and that is to build your cabinetry at the highest level possible from start to finish.


Our commitment to service starts and ends with our customers. From the first meeting with your sales representative through installation and completion, you will experience why Michael Edwards Custom Cabinetry & Closets is the paramount name in exceptional quality, beauty and craftsmanship. To this end, our Founder Michael Edwards still personally approves every piece that leaves the floor for delivery.